Our Biblical Roots

Our Biblical Roots

OSL is a multi-denominational Christian organization that accepts the Scriptures as our guide for our healing practice.

In Jesus, we meet God as God really is, the way God has revealed himself to be, as the God who is for us, because we are in Christ and are his children. We find that the Father loves us unconditionally. He sent Jesus not out of anger or a need to punish, but out of his immeasurable love and his unbending commitment to our redemption. The love we see in Jesus is none other than the love of the Father; the Father is in the Son, and the Son is in the Father and they are one. This means that when we know Jesus Christ, we know the Father.

Therefore, in the healing ministry, we value grace, and want to be living expressions of the grace, the Love of God. This is our starting point in all we do. We seek to demonstrate this love of God every time we pray or engage in our ministry. We seek to carry on what Jesus began.

In the gospels, we see that Jesus radiated the love of the Father and the power of his Spirit which cured people. He often offered these cures in order to invite people into an eternal relationship with the Father, which scripture calls the fullness of life or salvation.

When Jesus sent out his disciples to continue his ministry, he ‘gave them power and authority to drive out demons, and to cure diseases. He sent them out to proclaim the reign of God and to heal the sick.’ The belief of OSL is that his commissioning is still very relevant and important to Christians today. The gift of healing and the ministry of healing is available to those who will ask God; who seek the anointing of the Holy Spirit and is open to all the gifts of the Spirit.

OSL affirms the medical and behavioral health ministries, as they are also instruments in which God’s healing power is manifest. The power of Jesus’ love augments and goes beyond the human means of healing to bring people to the fullness of life. 

OSL teaches that Christian healing is the manifestation of the creative power of God’s love as He comes to make us a new creation in Jesus Christ.