Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

OSL empowers God’s people throughout the world with Jesus’ healing ministry.

We do this by:

  1. Training people in the healing ministry of Jesus
  2. Learning to pray for others
  3. Providing opportunities to experience the healing power of Jesus
  4. Empowering members to confidently pray for anyone, anywhere, anytime in the name of Jesus

Our Core Values

As members of OSL we value:

  1. Personal surrender to Jesus
  2. Christ-like compassion and a joyful obedience to God
  3. Heart-felt worship of God
  4. Openness to the fruit, the gifts, and the empowering of the Holy Spirit
  5. Healing prayer ministry modeled on Jesus’ ministry
  6. Boldness in demonstrating the healing power of Jesus
  7. Forming and joining a healing community
  8. Mutual respect, kindness and courtesy


All humanity is the creation of a loving God Who wills wholeness for everyone, health of the total person, body, soul and spirit.